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10 Ways to Pray for your Foster Child

10 WAYS TO PRAY FOR YOUR FOSTER CHILD can help in those moments when you don’t know what to pray. God tells us to pray continually, but when it comes to praying for my foster child, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. There’s no doubt that every child needs prayer, and considering the […]

WIC for Foster Children: 5 Key Tips for Utilizing WIC

The topic of using WIC for foster children comes up often in fostering Facebook groups. In short, WIC is a government program that provides free food or formula for low-income families and foster kids. See the definition below. Some people have had terrible experiences and some that tolerate using WIC. You just don’t see people […]


Five things to buy second hand for your first baby placement

Your first baby placement! Five things to buy second hand. You may have been a foster parent for years without a baby placement, or you may have been called and told your relative birthed a baby exposed, and would you care for him? However, your newborn foster baby arrived, I have listed my top 5 baby items to buy second hand. Sometimes quality over new is best.