Hope to Home

Interview with a foster dad

In honor of Fathers Day on Sunday, I thought you would be interested…
Hope to Home

How to Get Started as a Foster Parent

When I first started out on my foster parent journey, it was…

10 Ways to Pray for your Foster Child

10 WAYS TO PRAY FOR YOUR FOSTER CHILD can help in those moments…
WIC and Foster ChildrenHope to Home

WIC for Foster Children: 5 Key Tips for Utilizing WIC

The topic of using WIC for foster children comes up often in…
love being an older mom

What I love about being an older mom

I am getting older, but I don’t feel that has changed the fact that God called us to adopt our baby girl even if we are in our late 60’s when she graduates high school!
Five things to buy second hand for your first baby placementHope to Home

Five things to buy second hand for your first baby placement

Your first baby placement! Five things to buy second hand. You may have been a foster parent for years without a baby placement, or you may have been called and told your relative birthed a baby exposed, and would you care for him? However, your newborn foster baby arrived, I have listed my top 5 baby items to buy second hand. Sometimes quality over new is best.
I want to foster my spouse does not

I want to be a foster parent, but my spouse does not.

I want to be a foster parent, however, my spouse does not. Will…
What is foster care?

What is Foster Care? How Does it Work?

What is foster care? What is a foster parent? How does it work? If you have no clue what all this foster talk is about, I encourage you to keep reading. Here is my version of what foster care looks like. From my own personal experiences and insights.
Privacy in Foster Care

Why you need confidentiality in foster care

You are not in it for fame and fortune. However, sometimes, you want to celebrate your foster child, and in today’s world, that usually means social media. Don’t go down that road, because your children need protection, and so do their families, and yours.