Foster Care Tips

I was supposed to keep that smelly, stuffed, poodle?! Some things I wish I knew before becoming a foster parent.

I personally wouldn’t throw away that smelly, stuffed poodle, you can ask them if you can wash it though! That may be a big NO and respect the kiddos wishes, because it may be the only thing that reminds them of home.
Fostering a Sibling Group of 3 Three

Our Second Foster Placement: Three’s Company

Then… she sent me pictures. I sent them to my husband and fought him for a while on it but then realized, they had grabbed our hearts and as my husband has said before, this is what we were meant to do.
Foster Parent First Placement

Our First Foster Placement: A Tale of Two Sisters

We didn't wait long after getting our foster license before we were called with our first foster placement. However, just saying those words "placement" are missing so much.
Foster parenting, guard your heart

Guarding your heart as a foster parent

Saying goodbye to a foster child is one of the hardest things that foster parents face. I have been asked many times how we guard our hearts when we don't know the future of the kids we are caring for. My answer is, I don’t.