Foster Parent Home Prep Checklist

What you need to buy before your first FOSTER CHILD placement.

Download our FREE Foster Parent Home Prep Checklist. It can help you shop for:

  • The top 10 items to have on hand for your foster child
  • The top 10 items you need for your home
  • Special items you can buy for your foster child

“Tracey’s knowledge and expertise provide just what is needed to understand how to prepare for foster children. You don’t always know what you will need and takes the guesswork out of it all! Thank you for all your help!”


Hey - I'm Tracey!

When my husband and I started our fostering journey, we didn't have a clue what we needed or where to start with gathering paperwork on our family.

As time went on, I started putting everything we were filling out in a binder and creating sheets for our use that would help us then in our relicensing (every 4 years). I realized that these printables could help other potential foster families.

That is how Hope to Home was born! Many blessings on the roller coaster ride we like to call foster parenting!