Hearts are restless until they are found in God

Our hearts are restless until we are found in God

There were a handful of scriptures God lead me to that night, and all of them gave me reassurance, peace and rest, but Matthew 11:28-30 stuck to my heart.
Fostering a Sibling Group of 3 Three

Our Second Placement: Three's Company

Then… she sent me pictures. I sent them to my husband and fought him for a while on it but then realized, they had grabbed our hearts and as my husband has said before, this is what we were meant to do.
Foster Parent First Placement

Our First Placement: A Tale of Two Sisters

We didn't wait long after getting our foster license before we were placed with two adorable toddler sisters. However, just saying those words "placed" are missing so much.
Family peace and worry

No use crying over spilled milk, or formula

You know that old saying, "No use crying over spilled milk"? Well there is no use crying over a shattered glass baby bottle of formula either, even with a hungry baby in tow. Is there?