DIY Disinfecting Wipes

Make your own disinfectant wipes with 3 simple Dollar Tree Items.

Having trouble finding Clorox or Lysol wipes? Maybe they are just too expensive to buy right now? For $3. DIY disinfecting wipes!

There is so much craziness going on right now with people buying more than they need of certain items in the wake of the coronavirus or COVID-19. I thought I would share a recipe for DIY disinfecting wipes.


I first learned about this creation from my friend, who sold Shaklee. I made my own disinfecting, cleaning, and baby wipes using Shaklee’s Basic H and Basic G for many years. When my boys were born, I used the Basic H wipes for baby wipes since they are very gentle on skin. Therefore, adjust this wipe recipe to fit your specific concern or need. What I am showing you can be used with many different solutions.


The one I show in this post, however, requires only 3 items that I picked up at Dollar Tree. I am calling it the Dollar Tree DIY Disinfectant Wipes recipe. Clever right?

It is so simple, you will be wondering why people are paying way too much for disinfectant wipes and not making their own. Be the person to make your own!

A round container that fits a roll of paper towels cut in half. If you plan on making multiple solutions get one for each of the variety. I found them on the top shelf where the plastic bins, baskets and other containers were located. 2 quart size.

A roll of paper towels. Each roll will make 2 tubs of wipes.

A bottle of disinfectant. Our Dollar Tree typically has Lysol, but it was really low on disinfectant. I found Spic and Span. Just make sure whatever type of product you use, you check and make sure it doesn’t need to be diluted. You don’t want to hurt yourself or your home by having it be too strong of a solution.

  1. Cut the paper towels in half. This is the hardest part of the process. Use the sharpest knife you have, and be careful! I use a serrated bread knife. Hold the roll tightly and turn it as you cut. After you get through the roll, rub the 2 cut ends together over the garbage to shake loose all the fluff.
    DIY Disinfecting Wipes

    Cutting paper towels for DIY disinfecting wipes.

    DIY disinfecting wipes

  2. Pour approximately 14oz of your solution of choice into the container. If adding water to a diluted solution, mix well.DIY disinfecting wipesDIY disinfecting wipes
  3. Put your paper towels into the container with the cut side down. Make sure they are all the way into the container. Cap the container tightly and flip it upside down. Maybe in the sink, since the Dollar Tree containers aren’t super seals. Let it sit for a few minutes upside-down.DIY disinfecting wipes
  4. Flip it right side up and open up the container and pull out the cardboard center portion.DIY disinfecting wipes

That’s it! You have created your own container of disinfecting wipes!DIY disinfecting wipes

I bought 2 different rolls at Dollar Tree. Bounty Essentials (full sheet) and Viva (select a size). Both rolls are narrow enough to fit into the container. But if you have a roll that doesn’t you may have to take some paper towels off before putting it into the container. The Viva will yield 108 wipes for $3., and the Bounty will yield 80. I would need one more bottle of solution to make another batch. In essence, $4. for 188 disinfectant wipes.

DIY disinfecting wipes

Left: Bounty. Middle: Clorox. Right: Viva

DIY disinfecting wipes

You can use any variety of containers. When I first started making baby wipes, I had some really sturdy round Rubbermaid containers. However, I can’t seem to find them in-store or online. If you have something around the house that will work, go for it!

We use these wipes all over the house. They are great for doorknobs and bathrooms. Happy cleaning!

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  1. Dawn Burrus
    Dawn Burrus says:

    I just would like to compliment you on the way this presentation is done: clear, concise wording; with great photos: step by step instructions. So much easier to follow than a you-tube video. Thank you!


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