Is Hello Bello as good as Honest? Diapers and wipes comparison.

Is Hello Bello as good as Honest? Comparing Hello Bello brand to Honest brand diapers and wipes, was an interesting experiment! My baby girl has super sensitive skin. She gets diaper rashes very quickly. She pee’s a lot in the night. Some of her characteristics bring me to say my favorite diaper for her is the Honest brand. Is that all I use? No. For these reasons, they are my preference.

It was fun to try out these 2 subscriptions and note, I didn’t get paid or any free products for my post! This is just one mom’s opinion.

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I am going on my 5th year of foster parenting. Our first placement was a 1 and 2 year old. I also have two bio-boys that I have gone through 2 years each in diapers. We have been fostering a newborn since June 2018 when she was born. What I am trying to say is I do have lots of diapering experience. All that said, I love all things baby! Therefore, I have tried every diaper I can get my hands on and so many other baby products.

We are on a budget, and I like to watch for deals. However, my baby has had a few nasty diaper rashes using other brands. So we are sticking with what we know works well for her. We work the soft, natural diapers into our finances.

Where can you find them?

Both offer a subscription. Hello Bello is sold at Wal Mart (in-store and online). Honest is sold at many more retailers (in-store and online).


Hello Bello: Very soft inside and out. The wetness indicator on N-2 sizes. The diaper does not react negatively to my baby’s skin. Cute designs. Slightly lower price point over the competition. Subscription service and available in stores. Quality diaper.

Honest: Very soft inside and out. Stretchy along the back. Stretchy material along leg is more durable and form-fitting over the competition. The diaper does not react negatively to my baby’s skin. Cute designs. Subscription service and available in stores. Quality diaper.

Hello Bello: Doesn’t make it through the night without significant leaking. Through the diaper and the sides. Not as stretchy and form-fitting as Honest. Not stretchy along the back. Therefore when a messy poop explosion happens… Well, you know. Stretch material around the leg is thinner and tends to leak more. They do not make an overnight diaper.

Honest: Slightly more expensive. The standard diapers will often not make it through the night with my heavy wetter. I started using more overnight diapers in my subscription because there isn’t a cost difference.

Plant-derived core liner. 100% chlorine-free processing. Hypoallergenic. Soft, cloth-like feel. Super cute designs. Both companies have a good story behind their brand. Their founders are actresses looking to make the world a better place, one baby at a time. I made that up, but you get my point, right? Similar stories around similar products. Whatever it is their doing, it’s working, because I feel good diapering my baby with either of these diapers. And my baby’s bottom is proof they’re quality products.

The wipes are so similar in look, feel, and texture. The only difference that is the Honest is a little thicker. It’s a toss-up. Honest comes with 12 more in the package and are slightly more expensive. I use both brands, and they are my favorite wipes.

Is Hello Bello as good as Honest

Comparing Hello Bello to Honest Diapers and Wipes

Comparing the subscriptions

Hello Bello:
7 packs of diapers (Size 4 = 161). 4 packs of wipes (60 ct.). Free product for the first time ordering. I picked the lavender shampoo and body wash. Using a coupon code for new subscriptions. I paid $58.70 (including tax and free shipping). The regular price is $65.

7 packs of diapers (Size 4 = 161). 4 packs of wipes (72 ct.).
Using a coupon code for new orders, I paid $50.97 (including tax and free shipping). Regular price is $79.95


First, you cannot go wrong with either of these brands. Second, for my baby, the Honest is better. It protects her sensitive skin with the form-fitting stretchy areas. Finally, Honest also makes overnight diapers. Try them both! Watch for first time subscribers coupon codes. Hello Bello had a pop-up for 15% off on their site.

<Update: As of my last subscription box Hello Bello now has overnight diapers. They were out of stock when I tried to purchase them in a bundle. As soon as I can get my hands on some Hello Bello overnights I will update the post. I am hoping they are as good as Honest!>

I am curious about what you think of my favorite diaper, Honest. If you have a favorite diaper, please let me know. Let’s keep these cute little bottoms clean and dry! Which makes for a happy baby and happy parents!

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